House of Cards ()

| Feb 01, 2013 |

Bigger part House Whip Francis Underwood goes up against you a long journey as he requests his retaliation on those he feels wronged him – that is, his own particular agency people including the President of the United States himself. Dashing, smart, efficient and appalling, Frank Underwood close by his also manipulative yet questionable mate, Claire take Washington by storm through climbing the different leveled venture to control in this Americanized beguilement.

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Also Known As

Къща от карти | Kaardimaja | Kuća od karata | Kártyavár | House of Cards - Gli intrighi del potere | Kortu Namelis | Kuća od karata | Карточный домик | Картковий будинок | Song Gio Chinh Truong
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